The Bailey Ehasz Accident Fund
Bailey's dreams will still come true. 

Bailey Ehasz

On 05/19/2009, 11 year old Bailey Ehasz of Conshohocken was struck by a car and nearly lost her life. Bailey suffered numerous broken bones and traumatic brain injuries. After spending almost a month in the ICU, the remainder of 2009 was all in-patient and outpatient rehabilitation at the Seashore House and CHOP in King Of Prussia. In 2010 she was back in school and ready for a long haul recovery that is expected for another few years.

Looking Forward

We want to thank you all, on behalf of the Ehasz family, for your thoughts, prayers and generous support. The road to recovery will be long and arduous for both Bailey and her loved ones, and your constant positive feedback and love are helping the family stay focused, strong and positive. As a fellow parent and community member, I cannot imagine the pain and stress this family is facing. A sense of helplessness overwhelms us all, but there is a way to help. We had created a non–profit account at Wells Fargo Bank in the name of the Bailey Ehasz fund, to help support the family during these tumultuous times and for the future. Her parents, Dawn and Mark, have dedicated all waking hours to the rehabilitation of their daughter, which is very costly and time consuming. Dawn had taken family leave to be by her side throughout her recovery and has never returned to her job. 

This update is long overdue. It is now the summer of 2014 and Bailey is entering 12th grade and already has college plans. There are still trials and troubles but her determination has brought her through.

The Bailey Ehasz Accident fund is no longer needed or active. Please support the following organizations who helped us though those difficult times.

Fred's Footsteps 


And all the local Conshohocken Businesses that came together in our support.

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